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hawaiian_recon's Journal

Hawaiian Reconstructionism/Traditionalism
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A community for Hawaiian Recons or people interested in Hawaiian Recon
hawaii_recon was created by me (morag_grayheart) because I couldn't find any Hawaiian Reconstructionist community on LJ. Or much information about it in general. It seems I am starting a trend.

This community is for the purpose of discussing reconstructionism of a Hawaiian variety, for Hawaiian reconstructionists to have community, and for people who are interested in learning about the Hawaiian religion.

I admit--I am new to this myself, and have yet to actually formally study Hawaiian history with any real passion. But I do think that living in Hawaii for 8 of my formative (the first 20) years counts for something. ;)


1. Respect.
2. Respect.
3. Respect.
4. No trolling.
5. No advertising.
6. This is a comm for Hawaiian recon--if you have questions about recon in general please refer to the appropriate communities.
7. You don't have to be Hawaiian or even live there to be a Hawaiian recon, or to be interested in it. (Though living there helps. :3)
8. Any problems with other members of the community, take it to email--I will not tolerate flame-wars in posts.
9. This is not a place for bashing others' religions. Do that at your own personal journal.
10. Posts that violate these rules will be deleted on sight--consider this your first and only warning.
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